This journey includes a range of treks from easy quaint countryside paths to slightly inclined roads. Camino to Rome – Via Francigena. Learn everything you need to know about the Camino to Rome, The Via Francigena. Via Francigena participates in the Erasmus Plus project call Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2021. Read More

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Over six weeks, from late September to early November 2016, my wife Phillipa, and I, walked a large chunk of the ancient pilgrim trail, the Via Francigena. Diary – a record of the trip. Rome in a day: 24 hours in the Italian capital. The Via Francigena (‘the way of the Franks’) is an historic 2000-kilometre pilgrim way from Canterbury to Rome. Ways to read my Via Francigena blog. 1.
Hikers will enjoy marvellous views of natural beauty, historical sites as well as the opportunity to visit the many vineyards along the way. Blog; Contact; Walking the Via Francigena in Switzerland and Italy. This blog is a document of my 1,900km pilgrimage to Rome from Canterbury along the Via Francigena in 2018. My own 2016 blog for Canterbury-Rome is called "", but this is maybe less practical than personal. October 3, 2017 , by Nino Fioretti. Home / blog / Camino to Rome - Via Francigena. One of the best, if you're thinking of doing the entire Canterbury-Rome, is Julia Peters' 2015 blog "Kent on the Via Francigena." by Maria .

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It follows the route described by Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, on his journey back from Rome in AD 990 after receiving his pallium, or cloak of office, from Pope John XV.. Read our latest blogs, news and articles about the Via Francigena and all our wonderful Italian ways. Featured Articles. by Lisa . Glad you found the list ok. Via Francigena Pilgrim Trail – The Great St Bernard Pass to Rome, Alison Raju, Cicerone 2014 The second volume follows the same useful format as the first. English. Article contributed by ABW member. The route descends from the Great St Bernard Pass and continues through the historic cities and villages of north Italy across the Po Valley and into Tuscany and Lazio to reach the Eternal City. Featured Articles. My Via Francigena blog posts appear below in chronological order starting with the last post first i.e.

Our Via Francigena trip may be the trip for you if you are looking for a pilgrimage or walking trip. Pilgrim Badge from Canterbury depicting Thomas Becket . On this site you’ll find: About – a couple of pages where I’ve written a very short history of the Francigena and an even shorter explanation of myself. Via Francigena in Tuscany: 5 spectacular places not to miss .